Reflecting on my own interest in the demimonde....

Seduction and intellect come to mind. 

Any woman who avails herself and exists in ways that are of her own making, treads a fine-line with society. Instead of dancing around implications in this endeavor, I've chosen to approach my affairs here directly. Many assume that in the exchange of wealth for time, the interaction becomes rote and predictable. I disagree. 

This is a mutual recognition .

My most cherished experiences are in the play of intrigue. Seduction unfolding. How we create a private world, suspended in time. I do not think that this is diminished by the exchange of capital but enhanced.

A permitting boundary.

From my perspective, as my presence is valued, I am able to relax into my own feminine essence...and to extract the magnetic opposite from you. There is no worry about the future, obligations, or conflict. Just focus on now.

The dynamics of pursuit.

Perhaps, I am a romantic, too. Drawn to experience and confidence. The scintillation of nerve endings when that electricity is finally discharged. All prerequisites of a singular interplay.  Yet so much of the excitement of this pursuit can become lost when put into the restrictive contexts of modern expectations of men and women.  To escape this together is THE game.

And, to the victor goes the spoils.

True synergy requires both parties to meet and interact on the same plane. It starts in the mind, a shared understanding. It transforms itself into the creation and arrival at a shared destination.

To come, as it were, to that moment. Together is best...

So...Now what?