Filling Out.

5'7 127lb  Measure: 34C-25-37 lean, athletic, all natural. | Mane: thick, wavy, long &  golden. | Complexion: Olive. (Pale gold looks best on me.) | Eyes: Crystal Blue Green.


Passport: United States of America.

Favorite cities: New York, Rome, Barcelona, Buenos Aires.
Somewhere we will visit?

Interests: Neuro & biochemistry, psychology, architecture, design, visual art, erotic art, math/music, space. Dance, bodies, movement. A neat espresso. The right glass of wine.


Gardens, libraries, and the opera. A long dinner. A brisk walk in a living city.

Quiet morning hours. An audience's applause.

Rocky coasts in the summer. Citrus & flowers everywhere.

Snow in the mountains.

The woods. The sea.

Desires: Much, unfolding.