The Grey Area.

I have been operating under the radar for quite some time. Maintaining a (relatively) straight life, which has become increasingly less compelling to me. 

The impetus for this is, perhaps, the fact that I had achieved a certain level of notoriety in my fetish-related as well as my vanilla ... pursuits. And while success is surely a blessing, it is a double-edged blade. As many of you reading this can relate, it comes increased scrutiny. As a woman, I've found this particularly limiting in my social enjoyment. 

Away from any preconceived notions of my identity. I wish to enjoy private company on my I feel that my artistic endeavors may be rising to the level of consciousness in the near-term, as I've already begun to experience the complications of being striking, recognizable.

As I approach my thirtieth birthday, I seek outlets for my nature. All of it. And its compliment. Perhaps you. In this grey area. 

Formerly, I have tempered several identities to suit a specific sector of interest, which no longer seems authentic to me. Instead, I am arriving to this endeavor as...myself. To live or die by my own charisma. 

The ultimate pursuit. 

I'll see you,