Photographic evidence.

Sometimes, I get questions about my photos being "real."

There' not only real but not retouched. Most are done by a dear friend and meant to catch me in a natural light. Some of them are even self-portraits.

(I told you I was an artist...)


When I catch posts about my photos being real or my rates being high, i just make even better photos.


I would identify, were I forced, as a true sovereign. 

Not in some commercial way. 

My kinks have always been predominately psychological. It's not so much the play, but the wielding of power, that I enjoy. The gravity of the mind and its ability to draw another into a world created of a moment. A shared secret.

Sex, being so close to our primest instincts, threads throughout our minds and touches nearly every breath of our existence. These dynamics surface insight from the deepest reaches.

Seduction, they say, is always more singular than sex. 

(And commands the higher price.)

The City by the Bay.

The constant tear of being of two coasts.

Two lives. 

Yet, being stationary has never quite...satisfied. 

I have to be honest, the reasons for my involvement in the Valley and the Bay originated in more purely technological venues. But as time progressed, and I evolved, the industry and I grew apart from each other. 

My attraction to brilliant men has not, however, waned. 

I am looking forward to my time in California next month. Not only as it will allow me to duck out of the worst of the New England bleakness, but because the golden light of the western coast has always felt like a homecoming. 

See you soon, I hope.