Your move.

 If you desire to meet me, be clear in what you seek. Time is our most precious resource, but very little is off-limits. The one condition is that I reserve my discretion at all times. I will entertain discussion of any pursuit so long as it is broached respectfully. Consider this how you would a dating profile. Just for an elusive femme fatale.

  • I am available selectively by appointment only. I am ultra discrete, working largely by referral, although, I am open to new experiences with those who find their way to this sanctum. To make arrangements, please contact me with the particulars.

  • I have to insist on your full name as well as a method of screening to verify your identity. Employment details are preferred. If this cannot or does not apply, your full name and an alternate method to verify that you are who you say you are. References are welcome, though not a replacement for screening. I am blessed to be able to be selective with my time, so any inconsistencies in screening information will be a disqualification.

  • I spend most of my time on the East Coast. I am available in Boston with strong ties to New York City. Los Angeles is home on the west coas (as well as having, in my opinion, the best food in the country). I can be lured to your location with sufficient advanced notice and incentive. This is not my sole venture and, as such, scheduling well-ahead of your desired appointment is the surest way to meet me. If advanced notice is not possible, a rapid-screening fee may be employed.

  • Of course, my fees are strictly for my time only. Any discussion thereof will end our engagement.

  • I require a deposit to reserve the time and make my arrangements. The deposit will be 25-percent, though you are free to pre-pay as much of your appointment as you would like. A deposit allows me to confidently decline other plans. It is non-negotiable. Electronic transfers are only available to established patrons due to the risk to me. Deposits can be sent overnight to my Boston address.

  • Deposits are non-refundable but can be used for future, rescheduled dates should the need to cancel arise.

  • Cancellations: If you must, please cancel as far ahead of our scheduled date as possible. In order for your deposit to be carried forward, I require at least 24h notice as a courtesy. Less than 24 h notice will convert your deposit into a cancellation fee. A no call or no show will be barred from rescheduling without full pre-payment plus payment for the missed appointment.

  • Discretion is my absolute priority, both for you and myself. It is secondary only to confirming my safety with you before we meet. I am a private person, though not unrecognizable. Some of my work is fairly widely published, I cultivate this private world as an escape.

  • I do not, and will never, participate in review culture.  If you'd like to know me,  you must meet me.  I enjoy keeping a low profile and a low number of patrons. Will you be one?

I reserve my time for encounters of quality and intrigue.

I offer a visionary experience for those seeking the proof of life that only comes through accessing something ... surreal. This is reflected in the fee for my time and focused attention. 

Pain or love or danger makes you real again.
— Jack Kerouac

Brisk casualties



<2                                              2.4k.

<4.                                               3.6k.
 <8.                       5.4k..

In Boston, Connecticut, or New York City, & when I am visiting your city.

Due to certain intrinsic elements of my nature, I am well matched to a range of significant deviations. Particularly the interplay of power dynamics ranging the spectrum. 

This tilt towards kink notwithstanding, you will find me personally lucid and radiant, refreshingly open and connective. Of course, not every encounter requires an element of kink. Your respect begets mine and is the foundation for this type  of naked honesty.

Given my appearance, demeanor, and experience, I am undetectably discrete and comfortable in almost any setting.

I am typically available to travel domestically for appointments of 4+ hours w travel covered by you.

For extended or designed appointments, see below and/or inquire.  


AN experiment in psychosexual

<16 7.77 k
<36 12.12 k





A specialty match reserved for the intrepid. A night roaming wild under the moon. Alchemy. Meaning out of chaos.

Anywhere in this wide world, with first class travel covered by you, if applicable. Inquire for extended engagements, please. 

Requires a 50% deposit plus travel expenses as well as advanced notice for planning.


A Chemistry

If we find ourselves in the same city, you may invite me out for a brief public interlude. A glass of wine or similar.

Our time is priceless.  My fee affords me the ability to pursue my own interests. Gifts are given freely as a generous consideration for sharing a few of the precious moments of my life with you.

If we become well acquainted, I am open to extended arrangements, which I am happy to discuss over some Barolo.

Now what?